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Apple and Pear Australia Limited, (APAL), have engaged AgBiz Assist consultants to help growers with the Packhouse Optimisation Project.

APAL recently announced that with the support of grant funding from the Victorian Government they have now commenced this project.

On their website APAL describe how the Packhouse Optimisation Project will "....analyse the cost of packing, by developing a robust financial model of growers’ packing sheds to provide growers with the financial information they need to make informed decisions about upgrades, refurbishments, starting a new packing shed on a green-field site, or, possibly, amalgamation...."

They go on to confirm that they have engaged specialised rural consultants from AgBiz Assist Ltd to help growers ".... put the right data into the model and interpret the analysis arising from it...."

You can read more about the APAL Packhouse Optimisation Project on their website here and about the hidden costs of packing fruit here



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